Brian's Blueprint



Pensacola is made up of proud, unique and diverse neighborhoods, each of which deserves equal attention, access to services and safe streets that are well-lit and maintained.


I’ve spent a lot of time talking directly to Pensacola residents about what most concerns them. Many people have asked me to address safety in their neighborhoods, to help safeguard their districts against the effects of nature, and to preserve the history and unique character of the neighborhoods in which they chose to live. These issues are all near to my heart too, and I’ve devoted my entire career to neighborhood and city planning and development, and bringing new life to forgotten buildings and streets.

I’ve seen too, the challenges that occur when there’s no direct line of communication between City Hall and the neighborhood associations, and I plan to bridge this communication gap by creating a new City Staff position to serve as a direct liaison to neighborhood associations, someone dedicated to helping them navigate City services and who will listen to and respond to the unique needs of Pensacola’s neighborhoods.



Here’s how I will increase safety, preserve the unique character of our neighborhoods & further develop the natural beauty of Pensacola’s neighborhoods

  • Safety: Establish quarterly community meetings, hosted by Law Enforcement officers I believe it is necessary to build a relationship between residents and the city’s law enforcement officers. My vision is to make law enforcement more accessible to our neighborhoods; to establish a direct line of communication so that concerns may be addressed quickly and personally, and I’ll do this by immediately establishing quarterly community meetings to give residents a chance to be heard.  

  • Safety: Expand Police-On-Bicycle Program – The Pensacola Police Department has received positive feedback from the community about how much safer residents feel knowing that police officers are actively checking on and engaging with neighborhoods. Because of the positive response from the community, I will expand the Police-On-Bicycle Program to enhance safety for our neighborhoods in the City of Pensacola.

  • Safety: Create Safer Streets with Additional Lighting & Traffic Calming Features Safety doesn’t have to break the City’s budget. Sometimes, enhancing safety in a neighborhood can be as simple as implementing additional street lighting, narrowing streets and incorporating landscaping to calm the flow of traffic, reducing risk to cyclists and pedestrians.

  • Neighborhood Development/Improvement: Promote Walking & Neighborhood Connectivity with Wide, Continuous Sidewalks Lined with Shade Trees – Implementing wide, continuous sidewalks lined with shade-providing trees will not only enhance the appearance of our community, it will also encourage friends and families to walk more and create connectivity between neighborhoods.

  • Neighborhood Preservation: Implement Stronger Neighborhood Code Enforcement – Stronger code enforcement is essential to maintain city standards that create an environment that citizens want to live, work and play in. I will resource our land use and code enforcement staff to be proactive rather than reactive. Code enforcement is integral for the safety and beautification of all our neighborhoods.

  • Neighborhood Development/Improvement: Expand Recreational Amenities While Reducing Costs Through SMART Parks – The benefits of parks to urban residents are well-known. SMART parks use innovative technologies that incorporate ecology, security, economy, technology, social and entertainment. These parks have proven to ensure equal accessibility, promote better health and safety, and increase community visitation. SMART parks are designed to be energy efficient and low-maintenance while reducing long-term costs to taxpayers.




Pensacola already has the low-cost of living, world-renowned beaches and historic qualities that make it an idyllic place to call “home.”


These each play a leading role in the quality of life for current residents and are features sought-after by top businesses looking to attract employees. I will put my experience in public service, city planning, historic preservation and development to motivate the quality employers we want creating jobs in our community. 


The end result of these efforts will have a lasting positive impact on quality of life for Pensacola residents now and future generations.

  • Retain Top Young, Local Talent – Too often we see our City’s talent move to other cities in search of better opportunities for career growth, access to more desirable housing solutions, or ease of commuting to work or play. I am committed to guiding resident-centric land planning and improvements to city amenities centered around Pensacola’s historic culture, diversity, public green spaces, and quality of life.

  • Implement Sensible Commercial Land-Use Regulations – As Mayor, I will rework current commercial land-use code to allow for more creative and flexible development solutions that will promote flexibility and growth for businesses and corporations in need of office space.

  • Attract Quality Employers to Pensacola – Though we already possess many sought-after qualities that a strong workforce desires, we still need to be innovative with how we distinguish Pensacola from similar cities competing against us to attract quality employers. To get the attention of businesses and corporations looking to invest in our community, I will leverage both City and State funding opportunities and tax incentives, developing stronger incentive packages.




Accessible housing is a critical component of successful growth, but we don’t need to create more infrastructure (and a cost burden to Pensacola taxpayers) to invite more diverse and creative housing solutions.


By building up, not out, we will spur development, resulting in higher-density, walkable neighborhood “centers” throughout the city. As a strong advocate of learning from evidence-based data and processes that have been successfully applied to cities like ours, I will champion smart, higher-density solutions that directly improve both accessibility to housing and quality of life for residents.

  • Utilize City Owned Land Surplus, Maximizing Impact for Pensacola – Currently, the City owns an underutilized surplus of land. As Mayor, I will incentivise creative development solutions for this land, ensuring it will be effectively used to maximize the impact for our community.

  • Incentivize Low-Impact Commuting & Parking Solutions – As Pensacola grows, we need to be prepared to provide parking and commuting solutions that accommodate higher-density living that supports healthy economic development. My plan to incentivize development proposals that include non-traditional transportation solutions.

  • Design Smarter Land-Use Regulations – Pensacola’s current land-use regulations were not designed to promote smart, higher-density, walkable communities. As Mayor, I’ll apply my training and experience in city planning to establish a land-use code that promotes growth, while preserving the character and history that we love about Pensacola.

  • Incentivize Higher-Density Development Solutions – As Pensacola grows, so will our need for additional housing solutions to accommodate our growing workforce. Working with local and state government, I will incentivize higher-density housing solutions to ensure Pensacola is equipped for sustained growth into the future.